Township Guide to Reach the Higher Level Quickly

Playing Township game is always a great way to spend your spare time. This particular game is full of great challenges and mission to complete. Being a city building game, it requires you to play it smartly by deploying certain strategies. Therefore, using Township guide somehow makes a lot of sense especially for first timers. Let me tell you another thing before you start playing. City building is not the only thing you have to do the game but also farming. So, as a player, you have two big missions to complete. The first mission is to build the city and make it a big city that is full of necessary public facilities. The second mission is to manage and expand the farm.


First released in 2013, Township has attracted millions of players around the world. It clearly shows the popularity of this game. Suppose you have created an account, what you should do first is to carry out the first mission to build the city. Follow this first Township guide. To build a city, you cannot do it carelessly. Instead, you should build it according to basic principles. For instance, build enough number of public facilities for the local residents. When your people happy, it will be easier for you to earn coins and T-cash.


While you are collecting coins and T-cash, make sure to follow these advises. At the beginning of the game, Township guide recommends you to take any order request from local residents because you need a lot of money. But once you have reached higher level, select the order request. Make sure to select the requests that pay you more coins and T-cash. If apparently you are still lack of adequate coins and T-cash, do not think twice to use Township hack to get unlimited coins and T-cash.


Now that you have managed the building of your city, move on to manage and expand your farm. There are several kinds of crops you should plant. However, you have to think of the amount of time to plant and harvest the crop. Some crops require only few minutes to produce crops while other crops require overnight to start producing. Fast crops should be planted during the day while long crops planted during the night. Make sure to manage the barn storage as well to store your crop productions. By following the Township guide, it will be easier for you to reach higher level and to be the most successful player.