DOOM: How Supernatural and Futuristic Meet in A Game


DOOM is the new game that is totally fresh from the oven! It offers something new and different which finally can successfully attract the people by its single mode. It feels like Bethesda and also Id software are perfectly successful in creating a new game that is worth two thumbs up. You can read the complete review mentioned below.

DOOM Combines Modernity and Tradition

DOOM starts from waking up out of the coffin. This coffin has been successfully been taken by UAC from the hell. Then the first action is done by breaking the head of the ghost. It feels like everybody will do the same thing when they are facing the same kinds of situation. The mission that you keep in mind is that you need to protect the UAC base camp in Mars which has been filled with limitless ghosts. When there is a sentence which can describe about the best experience offered in this game, it feels like the Bethesda and also Id software have been planning on this game so well.

Different from the modern FPS games which usually wrap the campaign mode dramatically, DOOM comes out as fresh as possible. There would be no cut scene, there would be no exaggerating plot, and also there would be cinematic sensation. Apart from its visual concept that is considered as perfect, this game has the approach which is nearly like the classic FPS game. When the first time you have started the game, you will be able to notice the current state you are in and the condition of yours.

It is quite impossible for the DOOM to remain classic without mixing it with the modernity and its innovation. The maps and other kinds of feature are very strong in the modernity with the extra challenge. When you are able to finish the mission, there would be some rewards that you can take. You will be able to have the chance for upgrading the characters of Doom Guy by the weapon that you have already gotten before. The more you get your characters stronger, the more chance you need to upgrade all the strength by using the resources. These resources can be earned through times. For me personally, this kind of game really challenges you to be able to blend well with any kinds of sudden condition. This game which can be played in Xbox, PC, and also PS4 can be played in the complete package of DOOM.