Month: December 2016

Waymo Self-Driving Car Project by Google

Waymo is self-driving car project by Google that has been designed into a separate company, in this case cars that can be controlled by robot can be whizzing around the roads of public as soon as possible. Waymo is designed in order to make people easy and safe during their trip or move around.

Instead of manufacturing the self-driving vehicles, Google is focused on the enhancing the technology which enables these cars to work. This is something that can be the trigger for Apple and a couple of traditional carmakers that are racing in order to be the first company that launches model that has been already produced.

The chief executive of Waymo said at a news conference that they can find their technology being beneficial in logistics, ridesharing, personal cars, or solving a couple of problems that are connected with public transportation. The high-profile program by Google started seven years ago in a lab and after that this car has covered over 2.3 million robot-controlled miles, usually with an engineer on hand if there is something wrong with the project.

But the most important milestone for the company was on October 2015, when the first car project by Google was riding by a blind man in Texas alone with no accompany in the car. Under the parent company Alphabet of Google, Waymo will help the economy every year which oversees projects that have been detached its online search and advertising core business.

The purpose of the Waymo is different from a couple of other automakers in order to produce an autonomous car that needs no intervention from human. Nowadays, the test is focused on the most challenging stuff which cars that have been old-fashioned can face on the road.

According to Mr Krafcik, the former executive for Hyundai said that they believe that this technology car can start to reshape a couple of the 10 trillion miles which motor cars travel around the world each year with more accessible, more efficient, and safer forms of car.

This car is the perfect choice because this can handle the hardest driving tasks  such as anticipating unpredictable people will do on the road, mastering multi-lane four-way stops, responding to emergency cars, and also detecting them. The company has created these skills for more than 2 million miles of driving in the real road. And last year, this company has completed one billion miles of simulation testing.


Enjoy SimCity Game by Following SimCity Buildit Trick

As popular game on computer and mobile device, SimCity comes with simple game but it could be addictive as well. If you want to play this game successfully, you can follow SimCity Buildit trick which will be explained further in the next section. This game allows you to build your own city to properly manage it in order to make the residential people feel content and happy. So, here are the tricks for you.

  • Good layout, busy stores and factories

The first trick you can follow is that you need to find out good layout within the game. This SimCity Buildit trick is necessary to allow you get many residents as much as possible. By finding out the best layout, you will be able to provide efficient layout before create any buildings. Good layout will also be able to attract many residents to your city. Another trick that you will probably need to follow is keeping your stores and factories to be always busy. This trick is important to apply because by doing so you can have variety of stuffs that can be used for upgrading residential buildings you have. What you need to do is by making sure that your stores and factories always have the materials to be cooked. Once your storage gets full, you are allowed to sell the excess item.

  • Simcash spending and possible upgrade

The next SimCity Buildit trick is regarding Simcash spending. Simcash you have can be used for speeding up many processes to lead your game goes quicker. One of the most ideal ways for Simcash spending that you can do is expanding production slots of your stores. This way will help you fit in the slots even more. However, there is also SimCity Buildit Hack tool that can be used to generate Simcash for free to use it just as needed. In order to prevent the storage you have from getting full, you can upgrade it. In this matter, you are going to need special item which cannot be manufactured by your stores or factories. Instead, you should collect it or buying it. If you prefer to collect it, what you need to do is popping the speech bubbles which appear randomly.

  • Mixture materials

The last trick to discuss in this section is about mixture material. You will be able to update your residential buildings by using the materials that you have collected from the factories. You can also do the update by mixing the materials in a good mixture to provide better neighborhood in the game.

You will find that this game is very enjoyable after following and applying SimCity Buildit trick as explained above. Get ready to increase city’s population and make all residents feel happy in SimCity game.

Best laptops You Should Have for Your Gaming Needs


Nowadays, laptop can be considered as another media of entertainment that you need to have. If you are one of those people who use your laptop for your gaming needs, then you will need to try some of these best laptops you should have for your gaming needs. That is because all of these laptops will surely be the best media for you to play any kind of games that you want.

The first one is ORIGIN EON 15X. This laptop is considered as one of the best that you can use for your gaming needs. That is because this laptop has been chipped with the total of 8GB RAM inside. With the best NVIDIA GeForce GTX for its graphic card plus the additional option of i5 or i7 core from Intel, you can make sure that this laptop will be the best laptops you should have for your gaming needs. You can easily play any of your game and get the best gaming experience all of the time.

The next one is Asus ROG GL502. This one is another nice option that you can try. That is because this laptop has the core i7 processor that will surely give you the best gaming speed. For your information, this laptop is considered as one of the best because this laptop has been chipped with the total RAM of 16GB. That is something huge for a laptop for gaming. For the finishing, this laptop is considered as the best laptops you should have for your gaming needs because you will be able to play your games on the best-detailed view on 15 inches display with best resolution.

The last one that you might want to consider is Lenovo Ideapad Y700. If you are taking a closer look on the specs of this laptop, you might find the similar details compared with all of the laptops above. However, the most difference thing from this laptop is the touch screen availability of this laptop. With the big 15 inches display, you can simply say that this one is the best laptops you should have with the mobile and touch screen capability. Those are some laptops that you can simply buy if you are looking for the best gaming experience from your laptop. For your final consideration, if you want to get one of those laptops above, then you will need to prepare at least 650 dollars.

Easy Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tips For Being the Best in the Game

Generally, Pixel Gun 3D is a shooting game that is perfect to be played during free time. Pixel Gun 3D can be played for free, but in order to get coins and gems, the players have to buy them with real money. If you do not wish to spend real money, you have visited the right site! There are several Pixel Gun 3D hack tips that you can try to earn unlimited gems and coins with no extra charge. Say goodbye to your old limited resources which have been preventing you from buying the best gun. Take a look at the tips and tricks below.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tips to Earn Free Resources

If you urgently need to add a huge amount of gems and coins, try the following Pixel Gun 3D hack tips. You can use a Pixel Gun 3D generator and add resources in less than 5 minutes since you do not need to download or install any software. If you have decided to use the generator, try to find the most trustworthy online hack tool. Usually, you need to type the username that you use in the game. Then, input the amount of coins and gems. To avoid being banned, repeat the steps several times until you get the right amount. This trick can be used in any devices including iOS, Android and Windows with no exception.

Alternatively, there are many Pixel Gun 3D hack online available. If you use Android, there are numerous Pixel Gun 3D .apk, which will allow you to play the game and earn free resources without any hack tool. As mentioned above, the safest way in hacking Pixel Gun 3D resources is to input the gold and gems wisely. Although all of the hack tools are developed with anti-ban measures, the security filter of the game is really sensitive. Make sure that you do not abuse the privilege of getting free resources. However, more and more hack tools allow the users to add 999,999 gems and coins at once without getting banned. If you want extra features, download the hack tool to your computer. Many hack tools come with the option to get infinite health.

Follow Pixel Gun 3D hack tips above step by step to get unlimited gems and coins. Finding a satisfying hack is surely challenging, but it is worth the effort. By using the premium guns and infinite health, it will surely lead you to be the winner. Now, it is time for you to get loads of resources that you need in defeating your enemy.