Month: February 2016

How to Figure out These Boom Beach Astuce Tips

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a kind of game which can be played not only in your iPad but also in your console as long as it is connected to your internet. This kind of game can be honestly said as same as the famous online game named Clash of Clan. In fact, these two popular games are produced and born in the same company. As what other games have already the same way of playing, such as Clash of Clan or Hay Day, this Boom Beach also has some ways that can be found in other online games. What are they?

Boom Beach Hack Tips: Speed Up the Game

What are actually the uses of those Boom Beach astuce tips? Yes, sometimes people especially teenagers who are willing to spend most of their time playing and looking at the screen are looking for the right way to speed up their level and be the winner of all competition. It gives some satisfaction and pleasure that the people with lower level cannot obtain. Whether it is the truth or the pleasing lie, well, who knows?

Boom Beach astuce tips are available for guiding the players in getting more diamonds to speed up their game like a rocket. Hacking does not always mean that you need a help from a professional hacker. Somehow you yourself can follow the hack tips to get your game through better and more sophisticated one.

After you had gotten the unlimited diamonds, all those buildings like armory, submarine, sculpture, and also radar can be easily maximized. Even when your stocks of wood, iron, and stone, you can still expand your defense site only in seconds. Is not that amazing? Boom Beach astuce tips can be stated as the 50:50 chances of success. When you are quite lucky, then you can obtain those diamonds without any obstacles to face. Unless you are that lucky, you will get some difficulties in getting the diamonds.

Another tip to consider about these Boom Beach astuce tips is that the players do not need to have their gadgets jailbreak or root. These tips can also be applied in all gadgets with proper internet connection. As long as you follow the tips well and you can apply it well with your gadget, nothing seems to be the obstacle of getting free diamonds. Why do not you follow these hack tips and try to obtain some diamonds?


Blade & Soul in West is Finally Released

Blade & Soul

Finally, Blade & Souls in West is released early this year. Many gamers in Asia, especially in South Korea have been played Blade &Soul in their PC since 2012. It’s an action combat game that the characters have monk-style. The combat style in this game use Kung-Fu. You will get the feel of real kicks and punches with beautiful movement in Kung-Fu style. There are no many action combat games nowadays that offer the same excitement to you through Kung-Fu. The game can be compared to many AAA new games nowadays because it also has beautiful visual and audio.

Many fans of Blade & Soul in West surely have already waited this for a long time. When you play this game, you will find beautiful open world setting that offers many challenges through each levels. Maybe you would realize that the open world setting in this game doesn’t offers many objects or stuffs that can be used during the combat. Then, for the characters, some fans criticize the women characters that has hyper sexualized appearance. But, you should admit that this game offers intricate weapons and fantastic landscapes with many beautiful tress and color combination.

The game itself talks about Hongmoon School that get wiped out and they want to revenges to the enemy through 45 level long quest of revenge. Blade &Soul in West doesn’t have any improvement in the story line, it still has the same story line with the game that was released 4 years ago in South Korea. In the beginning of the game, you will find cinematic story about the game that will give you the background of the game and give you clear view about the goal in this game. When you play the game and get more level, you will feel that the combat gets more interesting than the previous level. Some people say that when you reach level 15, you will start to focus in combat and punch. Sometimes you will forget about the background and the goal of the game. You just want to punch and win the fight.

This game is so enjoyable to be played. In this game, you will find some shop where you can buy new outfits for the characters. You will also feel that the life in this game is simple through the experience in granting food or other inventory. Blade & Soul in West surely will give the fans amazing experiences of action combat games in Kung-Fu.

The Reasons Why You Have To Try Our Subway Surfers Hack Apk Download

subway surfers games

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