Month: January 2016

Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories Review

Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories

The Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories which we have previews before on previous post is barely launched for Android and iOS users. For your information, this game has big applause from their fans and lovers in E3 event recently. This game will hit console and PC soon after the first release this month. Now, the game is available on the app store with $9.9 of price. Before you play this game, it will be better for you to read the review from us firstly. Although the hype from the fans of this game is high, it does not mean this game is what we have expected before.

We start to review the Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories from the gameplay. As we know, this game has the same gameplay with the first series of Harvest Moon. This is what Natsume promised before in order to make the Harvest Moon lovers can nostalgic with the game in fresh and modern cover obviously. As usual, we have not only managed our farm such as planting seeds, breeding cows and other farming stuff. But, we must also interact with the villagers or our friends. In the initial gameplay, we have to give the villager our favorite things for them.

Why we love to play Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories is because we have to keep our patience and mood in caring our cattle and sheep. We have to breed them constantly every day and it is not an easy activity actually in this game. We must brush their body in order to get them in mood. You need to keep their good mood as long as possible to get the best harvests from them. You will get milk from the cows, eggs from chicken, wool from sheep and many more. The better you caring them, the better results you will have. That is the nature of playing Harvest Moon game and that is why this game is very addictive and fun.

In this game, you can also plant something on your farm. You can sell the crops to the stores or market on the village. One of the best things from this new and fresh Harvest moon is that there is no lock-gender for your characters. You can play as girl or boy freely and this is different with previous harvest moon series. Thus, you can choose your bride or groom based on your character’s gender. As we counted, every player is able to choose one bride or groom of five candidates as boys and girls in Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories.

The Most High-Tech Webcam Razer Stargazer

Razer Stargazer

CES 2016 becomes the special event for Razer because the officially announce their future-gear of gaming, Razer Stargazer. For your information, this is a high-level or advanced webcam. Of course, it will increase your gaming experience while using this high-technology webcam. Razer as the developer of this webcam claims that it is able to capture a video with 60FPS in 720p of HD quality. This announcement also claims that the current advanced webcam is defeated with the 60FPS capability of Stargazer. We know that most of webcam has only 30FPS of limitation.

The Razer Stargazer is the modern webcam ever in gaming history. This webcam is one and the only which is able to provide best-quality of video-recording. We know that gamers who also Youtubers start to record their reaction while playing a game such as PewDiePie. Razer knows very well what their customers’ need to give better quality of video for the Youtubers. In addition, it is also able to be set at 1080p with 30FPS. Moreover, streaming will be the best-activity since you are using this webcam. For your information, many gamers stream their gameplay in some popular stream-website such as Twitch.

The features of Razer Stargazer are not ended yet. This webcam has noise-canceling which focus on the voice of the users only and it is automatically on during the recording. FYI, it has also dual-array mic which is not only one microphone. For streamers, they will have no complain anymore from their spectator with these features obviously. Moreover, this webcam needs Win 10 as the Operating System. It is supported by RealSense SR300 camera from Intel Inside. One of the popular features of this webcam is the Dynamic Background. By this Dynamic Background feature, the streamers or Youtubers do not have to provide traditional green screen anymore as their background. This webcam has capability to separate background and foreground smartly.

The Razer Stargazer is also working properly with some broadcasting software like OBS and many more. The background removal feature is the most popular feature of this webcam that useful for all streamers. This is beyond the normal webcam, right? Furthermore, some video-calling software like Skype and QQ Video also work with this technology. If you are interested with this high-tech webcam, you must be patient because it will be released in Q2 2016 which will be held in April until June this year. For the price, Razer sets the starting point at $200 or it will be around 240 euros in Europe. DO not worries to be miss the review because Razer will give some giveaway for the limited edition of Stargazers forRazer’sstreamers.